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Brand It and They Will Vote is a comprehensive brand journey into the heart of your Core Value Proposition with award-winning Brand Strategist Adam Klugman. Adam will help you identify and articulate the specific motivation that drives the campaign or candidate, construct it into a persuasive, understandable asset, and place it at the center of the campaign message strategy. With Adam’s guidance, the team learns how to infuse the newly identified brand core across every touch point. The result is clarity, purpose, a team unified by a well-defined mission, and voters that make an emotional connection to your brand. Put simply, the result is that you become easy to understand. And when people understand you, they will vote for you.

To find out more, contact Adam for a free phone consultation and brand assessment.

“In politics, if you don’t define your brand someone else will do it for you. That’s why it’s essential to define it early, and reinforce it often.”

– Adam Klugman

“When I’m in need of a genius, I call Adam.”

—Donna Redwing, The Interfaith Alliance